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Current Employment Scenario in Assam

The current scenario of employment is really in a poor state, not just in Assam and the other northeastern states, but in entire India. Altogether, India is into its highest level of unemployment recorded in the last 45 years (as per the data from Economic Times).

Indian Pakoda Employment

The Indian unemployment rate among the urban youth (among the age group 15-29 years) is as high as 22.5% by the beginning of the year 2020. The unemployment rate of the entire nation with all the age groups included was recorded at 10.99% as of June, 2020 (as per CMIE data). One can just imagine the dilapidated employment scenario India is currently into, after the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In case of Assam, as per the data from the Assembly in December, 2019, there are 17 lakhs of educated unemployed youths. The data from CMIE says Assam has an unemployment rate of 0.6% as of June, 2020; which gives us an approximate number of 1.85 lakhs of unemployed people.

Reason Behind The Widespread Unemployment in Assam

Economically, Assam is the largest state among all the 8 North Eastern states. It’s GDP was ₹3,74,096 crore in the financial year 2019-20. The projected GDP growth for the coming year is at 18%, yet matching steps are distant dreams.

Assam requires around 1.75 lakhs of jobs annually compared to its educated youths passing out every year. But the numbers never tallied and unemployment is substantially higher.

Also, the level of industrialisation to create new jobs never happened at the rate required. Despite being the state of million opportunities, lack of entrepreneurial mindset among the local youths also can be attributed to such a level of unemployment.

How Can We Get/Generate Employment in Assam

“Where there is a will, there is way!”, and yes there are many. Employment doesn’t necessarily mean getting into Govt. jobs only. It can be any enterprise that can generate sustainable revenue. From agriculture to insurance, there are thousands of ways to generate financial freedom and getting self-employed.

In this post, as an admin of ‘Join LIC Assam’, we also want to stress on becoming an LIC agent and earn a decent earning out of the sustainable commission system LIC has in place.

How To Get Employed?

If you’re OK with trying multiple times with govt. or other private jobs, go ahead! But, if you want to be your own boss and want to earn a financial freedom, entrepreneurship should be your call.

For jobs, just follow numerous number of job portals present that aligns with your education and interest you most; then prepare as per the syllabus and repeat it. Keep an open mind to your surrounding and be up-to-dated. All the best!

For entrepreneurship, there are thousands of ways! First step is to find the right call/path to your entrepreneurial journey. An LIC agent can earn up to 10 lakhs a month, as the records says. So, choose wisely!

Trading Vs. Producing - Employment in Assam

What is best for you - Trading or Production? Every business can be directly related to these 2 basic categories. And one has to find his calling whether he wants either one of these two or a proper mix of them. Many a times, it is the mix that provides a sustainable revenue model to the one pursuing.

So, what is the difference? To answer, just look at your local shopkeeper. He simply purchases the products from a whole-seller who in turn buys it from the producer. Now the shopkeeper makes a profit on that item he is selling. So he and even the whole-seller are the traders. On the other hand, the farmer or the factory from where that product came into being can be called the producer in layman terms.

By the end of this post, we want to wish you all the best. Go ahead, make the right decision. Whatever you decide to do for employment in Assam, do it with passion! Good Luck!!

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